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About Media Lawyer

Mike Dodd, Editor
Mike Dodd, Editor

Media Lawyer is a bi-monthly legal journal and live website with email alert functions which provides a round-up of key media law events and developments for all working in the industry. It is essential reading for media lawyers, editors, reporters and journalism trainers to help them keep abreast of the latest changes to media law in the UK.

Established to report on libel settlements affecting the media and challenges made by the media against court restrictions, it provides a forum for the discussion of media law matters and is a focus for attempts to stem the flow of legislation limiting the freedom to report.

Media Lawyer was founded by Tom Welsh in 1996. A former Editor of the North-West Evening Mail and the first Director of Journalism Studies at City University, Welsh has jointly edited ten editions of McNae's Essential Law for Journalists and is widely regarded as an authority on UK media law.

The journal was acquired by The Press Association in spring 2003, whereupon Welsh was joined by Mike Dodd, the Legal Editor of PA Wire and a senior sub-editor at The Press Association. Dodd became Editor in January 2006 following Welsh' departure at the end of 2005.

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