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Media Lawyer


What is Media Lawyer?

Media Lawyer is a bi-monthly legal journal and live website with email alert functions which provides a round-up of key media law events and developments for all working in the industry. It is essential reading for media lawyers, editors, reporters and journalism trainers to help them keep abreast of the latest changes to media law in the UK.

Do I have to pay for the service?

Yes, this is premium content used by the whole of the media industry. After you have requested further information, you will be contacted by an account manager who will be able to identify your requirements and provide you with information on the costs involved.

How do I register?

Please contact us to request an account. You will be contacted by an account manager who will be able to deal with your registration. Alternatively, you can contact an account manager directly at the following address:

Dave McCall
Media Lawyer
The Press Association Limited
292 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Email: dave.mccall@pressassociation.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 7963 7659
Fax: +44 (0)20 7963 7173

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password by entering your username. You will receive an email with an automatically generated password. Once you have logged in you can change password to a new one of your choosing. If you are unable to remember your username please contact us for help.

Change password

You can use the change password page to change your password to a new one of your choosing.

How does the saved search and email function work?

You can save up to 20 searches and run them any time by going back to the saved search and emails page.

One of the saved searches can be made your default, meaning that you will see the results of that search whenever you login to the site.

You can also have the latest results from any of your saved searches emailed to you at intervals of your choosing.

To add new searches, use the 'Quick Search' or 'Advanced Search'. After you have performed a search, you will be presented with the option of saving the search with a description of your choosing.

How does the advanced search function work?

The advanced search function allows you to narrow down your search criteria by adding a number of search parameters. For example you can set a time period or add keywords to be either included or excluded from stories you want to find.

You can also search for stories with text only, pictures only or both text and pictures.

Saved searches and emails

The saved search and emails page is where you manage your personalised content. Each of your saved searches is listed here and you can run, set as default, edit or delete them. You can also set your searches up for email delivery.

If a search finds the stories you want you can save the search and run it again. This option is offered at the top of the search results. You can also have the stories found by the search emailed to you.

Email delivery

This option is offered once you have saved a search. It allows you to run the search and then have the results emailed to you automatically in real time or at intervals of your choosing.

You can activate and deactivate each search as you see fit.

What time period is covered by the site

You are able to access text material from the last 30 days. Pictures only remain available for 3 days.

Can I access the other PA Products?

This depends on what level of access you have and whether the additional services are included in your account. If you do not have permissions to access a service a message will be displayed contact us.


The Press Association's premier breaking news and sports wire service, providing real time news and sport as it happens.


The Press Association's publicity image distribution service, providing access to material from a wide cross section of companies, ranging from art organisations through to film distributors and government departments.

TNR Media Training

Tailor-made courses for professionals on how to deal with the media.

The Editorial Centre

A one-stop training and consultancy shop for newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and any agency or company involved in the media or communication business.

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